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These games and activities require students to recognise, count and exchange small amounts of Australian coins. Suitable to use with your whole class, in small groups and for individuals. Add the task cards to your Maths rotations for consolidation and practice. Differentiation is easy with 2 different levels provided, as well as ink saver versions.


You will find:

  • Let’s Go Shopping Game – a card game where players roll a die to determine how much money they collect from the bank OR they draw a shopping card and spend  their money. Requires the players to exchange their coins in the bank. Working with amounts to 50c (14 pages + 9 with less colour)
  • Set 1 Task Cards – counting groups of coins up to 50c (6 pages – 4 cards to a page)
  • Set 2 Task Cards – counting groups of coins up to $1.00 (6 pages – 4 cards to a page)
  • Scoot & Scavenger Hunt recording sheets (4 pages)
  • Task Card recording sheets (2 pages)
  • Answer key (1 page)


Terms of Use:

This resource is for one classroom use only. It is bound by copyright laws and redistributing, editing, selling or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the internet are all strictly prohibited  without first gaining permission from the author. Violations are subject to the penalties of the digital Millennium Copyright Act. 


Australian Money Shopping Game and Task Cards Year 1/2

  • ZIP with 1 PDF (63.7 MB / 33 pages)

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