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This resource has six Bingo games to practice and consolidate the five short vowel sounds. Each game has eight Bingo boards, making it perfect to play in small groups, in literacy centres or they could even be made up and sent home for homework!


You will find:


  • Game 1 – short vowel sound ‘a’ - bad, bag, bat, cab, cap, cat, dad, fan, fat, gap, ham, hat, jam, mad, map, mat, pad, rat, sad, tap, van, wag, yam.
  • Game 2 – short vowel sound ‘e’ - beg, gem, hem, hen, jet, leg, men, net, peg, pen, pet, red, ten, vet, web, wed, wet.
  • Game 3 – short vowel sound ‘i’ - bib, big, bin, dig, dip, fig, fin, fix, hip, hit, kid, kit, lid, lip, mix, pig, pin, pit, rib, sit, six, tin, wig, win, zip.
  • Game 4 – short vowel sound ‘o’ - box, cop, cot, dog, fog, fox, hog, hop, hot, jog, log, mop, pod, pop, pot, rob, rod, sob, top.
  • Game 5 – short vowel sound ‘u’ - bud, bug, bun, bus, cub, cup, cut, gum, hut, mud, mug, run, nut, rug, run, sub, sun, tub.
  • Game 6 – a mixed set with all five short vowel sounds.
  • Instructions

CVC Bingo

  • ZIP with 1 PDF (66 Mb / 67 pages)

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