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These worksheets will introduce your students to data collection, organising data into bar/column graphs and analysis of the data. Students receive a worksheet, circulate around the class asking the specified question of their peers. They record the data as a tally. They then return to their seats and use the data they have collected to create a graph. There are then some questions to answer to help with analysing the graph.


There are three levels in this graphing resource. Students may work through these levels as the year progresses, or the worksheets may be used to differentiate instruction within the class, as needed.


LEVEL ONE: (p 3 - 12) Students are provided with a question and the tally charts.

LEVEL TWO: (p 13 - 16) Students are provided with a question and must create their own tally charts.

LEVEL THREE: (p 17) - Students create their own question and tally charts. This page may be used over and over again.



What colour hair do you have?

What do you prefer to eat for breakfast?

Would pet would you prefer to own?

What is your favourite food?

How many children in your family?

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Which sport do you most like to watch?

How do you like to travel?

What is your favourite season?

What play equipment would you like in your backyard?



Which name do you prefer for a dog?

Which animal scares you the most?

What is your favourite TV program?

Where would you like to go for a holiday?



Students create their own questions.


💜💜💜 Please note: pages with alternative spelling and vocabulary for the US have been included at the end of the resource.


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Data Collection, Tallying and Graphing

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