A good general knowledge is such an important thing for children to have. This package contains 24 rounds of general knowledge trivia quiz questions to use in the classroom. Great to use as a whole class game, as a quick transition activity, for motivation and reward sessions. Each round has 10 questions. Topics include: Word Meanings, Sport, Shapes, Collections, Animals, Food, Math, USA, Australia, UK, Music, Books and more…


The children will love these quizzes. Use them when you have a spare ten minutes or ask a few trivia questions as a brain break. Ask the same question several times until the fact is remembered!


Whilst we have computers and the internet at our fingertips to find more detailed information, most of the time a good general knowledge allows us to hold an intelligent conversation and become critical, creative and independent thinkers.


“Wide reading and general knowledge are critical to competence” Bill Gates.


You will find:

  • 28 rounds of questions – 10 questions in each round – organized in topics.
  • answers
  • recording sheets


Terms of Use:

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General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Cards

  • PDF (34.5 Mb / 24 pages + duplicate answer sheets)