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This is a huge package of goal setting and self reflection materials that will provide all you need for a whole year. As well as providing you with 55 different goal sheets, concentrating on Mathematics, English and Behaviour goals, there are 3 editable sheets included for you to customize goals for your own students. There are also recording sheets (an Excel file) to record individuals’ goals.


When children first start the process of goal setting, they need a lot of help and guidance to set SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals. These goal sheets will assist you, the teacher, to introduce them to this process.


Copy a small number of goals sheets that are appropriate for your class. Laminate and display them on a bulletin board. Use the editable small labels for name tags. After class discussion of the goals, students choose and record a goal they would like to work towards. They place their name tag on the goal sheet. Now they can see what they are working towards and you, the teacher, can quickly see each child’s goal. This process will also allow students to see what others’ goals are, which will create cohesion and students may work together to achieve like goals.


You will find:

  • 30 Math Goal Sheets
  • 15 English Goal Sheets
  • 10 Behavior Goal Sheets
  • 7 Reflection Sheets
  • “My Goal Setting Book”
  • 3 Editable Goal Sheets and Name Tags
  • Excel worksheets to record each child’s goal setting.


Terms of Use:

This resource is for one classroom use only. It is bound by copyright laws and redistributing, editing, selling or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the internet are all strictly prohibited  without first gaining permission from the author. Violations are subject to the penalties of the digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Goal Setting and Self Reflection

  • 88.2 MB  / 84 pages

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