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Do you need your students to be able to calculate basic math facts with increased speed and fluency? These maths basic facts fluency tests are a great way to improve your students’ instant recall of the basic facts to 20 in addition and subtraction. This resource includes fluency cards in 3 levels to enable you to differentiate, graphs and certificates.


  • LEVEL 1 – adding 0, 1 and 2;
  • LEVEL 2 – sums within 10;
  • LEVEL 3 – sums within 20.


Students receive a levelled card with addition on one side and subtraction on the other side (or photocopy the two pages onto paper and slip them, back-to-back, into a plastic sheet protector). In three minutes, the students write as many answers as possible on a separate piece of paper. Flip the card over and mark the sums. The answer is the first number of the sum in the corresponding square. Students then graph their personal scores. Any student who gets 50 answers correct for the first time becomes a member of the “50 Club” and receives a certificate. They then progress to the next level.



  • 3 levels of addition & subtraction fact fluency cards:
  • Graphs for students to record their progress
  • “50 Club” certificates for addition and subtraction for each of the 3 levels.
  • Fluency cards and certificates in black & white as well as color.


Your students will love attempting to beat their own previous scores and achieving personal bests. Time them for three to five minutes, call out the answers or have them self-mark by turning over the card and then graph the results. This is a great way for your students to see their individual improvement over time. What better way to motivate your students to strive to do their best?


You will be able to use these cards all year


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Maths Basic Facts Fluency Timed Tests Addition and Subtraction to 20

  • PDF ( 26.1 MB / 15 pages + 8 B&W)

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