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Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to liven up your math groups and rotations? These picture puzzles are a motivating and different way to provide addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice. The addition and subtraction puzzles are using double digit numbers, with and without regrouping and the multiplication and division puzzles provide consolidation of basic number facts. Also included are one puzzle focusing on reading and writing 3-digit numbers and one puzzle focusing on consolidating skip counting with numbers greater than 100.


These puzzles need no preparation, just copy and hand out. The students cut the picture pieces out and glue answers onto the correct question space. As each question is matched with the correct answer, the answer is glued to the question grid and a picture begins to reveal itself. When all the questions have been answered the student can see the complete picture. A great reward for their endeavor!


Perfect to use with small groups or individuals for math centers, rotations and even homework. Different levels are provided to cater for class differences or to use later in the year. Answers are included.


You will find:

Picture Puzzle 1 - 2-digit addition without regrouping

Picture Puzzle 2 - 2-digit addition with regrouping

Picture Puzzle 3 - 2-digit subtraction without regrouping

Picture Puzzle 4 - 2-digit subtraction with regrouping

Picture Puzzle 5 - multiplying by 2

Picture Puzzle 6 - multiplying by 2 and 3

Picture Puzzle 7 - dividing by 2

Picture Puzzle 8 - dividing by 10

Picture Puzzle 9 - reading and writing numbers to 999

Picture Puzzle 10 - skip counting by 2, 3, 5 and 10


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What others have said:

💜 "My students love this resource! They worked on their own or with a partner to find the answers. I like how this activity had them cut and glue the squares. Cannot wait to use it again!" Zenaida A.


💜 "My third graders love these!" Heather S.


💜 "These are really handy and the kids love doing them!" Clever Poppit Resources


Terms of Use:

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Picture Puzzles | Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division

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