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This Year 1 biology unit of work has a 10 lesson program investigating three Australian animals – kangaroo, koala and platypus. The lessons vary in length and sometimes may need more than one session. Whiteboard presentations introduce each animal with a story, addressing physical features, survival needs and habitat. A written copy of the three stories is included for teachers not having access to an electronic whiteboard or similar system. Lesson planning notes provide a suggested sequence of presentation and include a wide range of student activities. All worksheets and answers are included.


The word bank provides subject specific words and their definitions to print and place on a word wall and/or use with vocabulary games. The cards have been organised into two levels of difficulty and are coloured appropriately. There is a black and white version. There is a choice of two different fonts – Vic Mod Cursive and KG Neatly Printed. Vocabulary game suggestions and instructions are included.


Australian Curriculum Links:


(Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), downloaded from the Australian Curriculum website on (30/08/2016).


You will find:

  • 10 lesson Science program 
  • Australian Curriculum links
  • Teacher’s Notes
  • 3 full colour, illustrated stories for the electronic whiteboard
  • Transcripts of the stories
  • Focus questions
  • Comprehension sheets for each story
  • KWL charts for each animal
  • Flipbooks on each animal
  • Features of Animals sheet
  • Finding Facts research sheet
  • Venn Diagram – habitat activity
  • Information Chart
  • 2 formal assessment tasks
  • Answers
  • Cross Curricula Notes
  • Word Bank
  • Editable word cards


Terms of Use:

This resource is for one classroom use only. It is bound by copyright laws and redistributing, editing, selling or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the internet are all strictly prohibited  without first gaining permission from the author. Violations are subject to the penalties of the digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Australian Curriculum Science Year 1 Biology Unit of Work

  • ZIP with 1 PDF and 1 Power Point (127 MB / 108 pages)

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