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These worksheets and task cards provide support for the teaching of addition and subtraction in Grade 3 and are aligned to the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Students will investigate and demonstrate connections between addition and subtraction, and they will be introduced to various strategies to facilitate increasingly efficient mental computation.


The worksheets will make excellent consolidation and review work and may be used to assess your students’ understanding. The task cards may be used for whole class games such as Scoot and Scavenger Hunt (instructions included) or by small groups or individuals during Maths rotations/centres. Recording sheets and answers are also included.


You will find:

  • Teacher’s Notes
  • 41 worksheets
  • 3 sets of task cards (32 cards in each set)
  • Task card recording sheets
  • Scoot and Scavenger Hunt instructions
  • Scoot and Scavenger Hunt recording sheets


Australian Curriculum Links:



(Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), downloaded from the Australian Curriculum website on 19/04/2021)


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Have fun and BEE HAPPY! ☺


Terms of Use:

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Australian Curriculum Year 3 Maths Addition and Subtraction

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