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Do you need a fun-filled way to consolidate your students’ learning of Australian money? These bingo games have your students counting coins to determine how much is shown. They will practise writing amounts and then need to listen as a caller calls out amounts for them to locate on their game boards. Suitable for whole class (if a game board is shared between two) or small groups during Maths rotations. Three games with increasing difficulty allow you to cater for different needs in your classroom.


Don't forget, if you want to make smaller Bingo boards, save paper or ink, print multiple pages on one sheet.


You will find:

Instructions and Contents Page – (2 pages)

3 games of Bingo – amounts to $1.00, amount to $2.00 and amounts between $2.00 and $5.00 (36 pages)

3 sorting mats (3 pages)

3 sets of calling cards (3 pages)

3 sets of answer cards (6 pages)

recording sheets (1 page)

3 ink-saver games (36 pages)


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Australian Money Bingo Game | Counting Coins

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