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This is a huge bundle of Australian money resources and includes posters, task cards, games and worksheets, perfect to support your teaching of money in grades one and two.


Australian Money Posters and Money Matching Game (click to view previews)


  • 11 Posters showing all Australian coins and notes. Great for displaying in the classroom.
  • 11 Posters highlighting the special features depicted on each Australian coin and note.
  • 4 pages of Money Matching Cards (4 cards to a page), half showing groups of like coins and half showing numerical prices. Great for playing matching games, Go Fish, Concentration, Scoot etc. Perfect for use in Math centres.


 Australian Money Shopping Game and Task Cards (click to view previews)


  • Let’s Go Shopping – a card game where players roll a dice to determine how much money they collect from the bank OR they draw a shopping card and spend  their money. Requires the players to exchange their coins in the bank. Working with amounts to 50c.
  • 24 Task Cards – counting groups of coins up to 50c.
  • 24 Task Cards – counting groups of coins up to $1.00.
  • Scoot sheets, Task Card answer sheets and an answer key.


Australian Money Matching Games (click to view previews)


  • Rules for games
  • Thief! cards
  • Set 1 -  counting groups of $1 and $2 coins
  • Set 2 - counting mixed groups of coins to 50c.
  • Set 3 - counting mixed groups of coins using all coins


Australian Money Worksheets (click to view previews)


  • Cut out and order coins
  • Count and circle coins to match a price.
  • Count groups of like coins and record amount
  • Draw coins to make a specified amount
  • Make an amount in different ways
  • Word problems
  • Cut and paste money to pay for goods


Terms of Use:

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Australian Money Bundle Year 1/2

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